searching for a guide through life

ok – it’s almost bedtime now.. i didn’t quite finish my room yet but i think i might clear off some stuff real quick so that i can sleep in my bed tonight for the first time in a week.. hhaa. my grandma’s supposed to be comin tomorrow so i most definately have to get all that taken care of properly. maaan, i wish i hadn’t procrastinated with my work and everything this weekend cuz i feel like i really didn’t take advantage of my time.. and now that just means more for me to do later… grrr… oh well, i can handle procrastination like a pro. thank goodness for these get-out-at-12 days this week.. tomorrow is senior picnic and graduation practice.. during the picnic me and courtney (and steve too?) have to meet with doc walters to go over our graduation speeches.. i can’t believe that i’ll be speaking in front of literally thousands of people on this Thursday evening. it hasn’t seriously hit me i guess so i haven’t got nervous on anything… hmmmm.. wish me luck with that….

what else for tomorrow?? ummm.. job fair at the mall.. i better not be picky cuz i just need a job, employment, anything… well not anything but you know.. also i got to pick up my cap and gown tomorrow and make sure everything fits and whatnot… shoot, i still need shoes… see – i really should have got more done this weekend.. i need to call the lady at hampton tomorrow too and tell her i’m cool with staying in kennedy. i also might be getting a car, like tomorrow!!  which means i have to give up all the money i have in savings bonds and trust that my dad hasn’t picked out yet another vehicle destined to break down.

this week is going to be busy…

my mom had her highschool reunion this weekend and actually enjoyed it… so i decided i’ll go to Project Graduation.. if not just to collect my $1000 that i’m going to win.. HAHA.. i really really can’t wait until summer.. i hope i’m not lazy with things and actually get things accomplished.. looking back on old stuff while cleaning my room made me think of all the things i never followed through with and stuff… but life can’t be predicted, ya know.. i like going back down memory lane though… some of the stuff i found made me smile…

i really need God in my life more… i think that’s something i’ve been missing.

aiight.. off to dreamland.. probably on the floor once again.. lol.. ok, tomorrow i’ll be in bed.. ::sigh::



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  1. I guess everyone hase senior picnic and rehearsal coming up huh?Well girl have fun……And I can’t wait to see you next year!

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