searching for a guide through life

:: i believe i can fly // i got shot by the FBI // all i wanted was a chicken WANG // and a lil bit of collard GREANS ::

hahhaa.. those kids are funny!

the house is finally quiet cuz the kids are gone.. all the company that came down for graduation has left.. highschool is finally done with… the graduation ceremony was absolutely wonderful.. no problems with my speech.. the weather was classic Gami Graduation and decided to rain – well, kinda a drizzle.. the soaking downpour came as we were finally heading into the building to get our real diplomas and whatnot.. but it was wonderful.. i finally had some emotion bout the whole ordeal – but, like i knew before, i did not cry.. although almost came close to maybe a tad bit of eye moisture.. one of the thoughts going through my head during the event was that i wish he would have graduated with us.. (i know a lot of people don’t read my xanga page… but i wonder if even those who do and who do know me, know who the ‘he’ is).. but anyway, in the words of another kid i used to think about: ” IT”S ALL OVER!!!!!” yeessssss!!

oh, and i decided to actually go to project graduation.. didn’t win much or nothing major but did have a pretty decent time there — with the exception of Doni leaving me sitting all by myself to answer Dwight’s phone call (lol – why do i always think of that boy as Amari in my head?? haha) but anyway, it was cool.. all my friends, the ones who said that i HAD to go to project graduation and that they’d make it fun for me — i only saw them randomly throughout the night for about twenty seconds here or there… mmmmmmm.. that’s a damn shame but it’s the way things are…(another good reason i  DIDN’T go to prom).. hopefully we’ll be a lil more serious about hanging out this summer and keeping in touch once college life starts..

college — oh boy.. less than 10 weeks away!! that’s crazy! hmmm.. i have a lot to take care of this summer so i best not slack off.. i’m a lil apprehensive about starting freshman yr at HU but who doesn’t have the same thoughts or worries wandering through their mind at some point.. as far as this summer goes – i am still unemployed..   honestly, i don’t think most places would want me seeing as i can only work lil 9 weeks and although i do have job experience, i have no experience in retail which is what i’d like my summer job to be.. but hey, i suppose i could still try. i was thinking about working for my dad again, but today my sister gave me some neg. feedback on it and then my dad was in my room talking about the stresses his job gives him with people wanting too much from him and the business suffering and everyone wanting to work for him to make money and whatnot… the last thing i want to do is stress my daddy out more even though he did just mention me working at AES just the other day… graduation $$ was niiiice.. and if it comes to it, i can manage off of that.. but i still am trying to have some employment.. a lil income.. i’m even getting desperate enough to work at McDonald’s or Target or something.. lol.

well — i’m getting a lil tired of being online even though i haven’t the last whole five days or so… lol.. you know you’re addicted to the internet when you haven’t been on once for about a day and you’re telling yourself you haven’t been on in forever and consider getting out of your comfy bed at three something in the morning just to check your mail, your xanga, your facebook, and your myspace religiously. damn, that’s a shame..

ok – i’m out!



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