searching for a guide through life

i’m thankful for the things that keep me grounded…

i currently have an email buddy who reached me off of myspace. he’s deployed in Iraq right now and was just looking for someone to communicate from time to time to keep his mind off of the other conditions he must deal with on the regular.. right now is still what i consider a very risky time to be a US soldier and especially to be deployed overseas.. and it’s scary cuz these are our peers.. our classmates, our friends, our boyfriends/girlfriends, our brothers/sisters… it’s tough.. but somebody has got to do it.. and of course, our thanks and support, our love and prayers go out..

today i caught myself in this semi-depressed mood.. over boredom, lack of direction, lack of love, and uncertainty and fear about what my future holds for me… but when i think about everything i am blessed with and the courage of those overseas and at home — protecting us without even knowing us… it gives me strength.. so, i’ll be ok.

yeah, i’ll be ok..




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