searching for a guide through life

last night was pretty cool. the family went out to the movies to see Batman Begins.. i hadn’t particularly felt the need or strong desire to see Batman but i went since everyone else was going, and of course, it turned out to be good. i always am picky about which movies i go to see but then it turns out that i rarely see a movie that i don’t like.. but the night was cool. we went to the IMAX theater at Tropicana.. maaan, i love the Tropicana.. i mean, i’m not real big on casinos but the Trop is soooo beautiful inside… especially by the Quarter. i would probably say the Trop is better than the Borgota — the newest, extrememly expensive, non-Trump casino in AC… but then again, i haven’t been to the rooms in the Tropicana and the rooms in the Borgota (atleast the suites, but i heard the others were nice too) are niiiiice. but anyway, enough about the casinos… the IMAX theater didn’t seem all that much different than a regular theater with the exception of the price (extra expensive). but atleast we came to the last show and got there late so they were giving out free popcorn.. thats whats up… free… LOL. but anyway, afterwards we got some icecream or gelata or whateva… so good… me and my sister split – half coffee, half tiramasu.. she said the tiramasu tasted too much like rum and i told her that i liked that… haha.. then she called me an alcoholic… lol. she’s silly. but anyway, i felt so cute that night. i had just washed my hair and so i did this poofy, braidout afroy type thing and pulled one side back.. and i wore a pink top with my new green and gold earrings and a necklace with a gem that didnt match anything.. lol.. it was just a nice night… i realize that i want to be 21 so bad.. not necessarily for drinking or anything, but i hate knowing i have certain restrictions.. like i can’t get into certain bars or parties or restaurants or clubs or concerts at certain times… even though i probably wouldn’t be going to them on a regular basis..i just don’t like that i CAN’T if i wanted to.. it’s like cool, i’m 18, but i still can’t get all the benefits of being an adult yet, ya kno… lol.. but i kno im still a kid at heart… but anyways.. last night also reiterated the fact that i want to live in a city someday… now, i’m a girl from the suburbs.. always have been.. (well, Mizpah is kinda ruralish, suburban but same thing.. and i only lived there a yr) but i’ve never really been turned off by the city. never thought id call it home but maybe that id live close to one or whatnot… but im growing more in love with cities and know that at some point in my life.. i’ll live in one.. probably Philly or New York but i dunno yet.. i had wanted to live in atlanta at one point but i dunno… maaan, i think i want to live everywhere.. travel everywhere… which conflicts with having a stable, family life but thats a topic for another day… i couldn’t imagine not living next to a beach or a city though… i think i always have.. even being born in Biloxi..
but anyways…   im so proud of myself for learning how to make a new paragraph without having a big space!! LOL. ya learn something new everyday… well, this entry’s long enough so… PAYCE!



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