searching for a guide through life

i’m sleepi and <gasp> it’s only 9:15.. wow! maybe i will go to bed early so i’ll stop waking up sometime around 10:30 to noon… sheesh..
well, i made a to do list today (more like a what i have to do not just today but in these next couple weeks). i got like two things done..  that’s the major downfall of waking up so doggone early. you waste so much of the day.. the good part – if you get a whole bunch of extra hours of sleep, you actually lose weight. plus points! but i think i’d rather work out. i actually enjoy working out – how i feel during and after the process.. it’s just that i lack the motivation to actually get out and go exercising. mmmm.. motivation – that’s going to become my next best friend next to procrastination.

anywho — i can’t concentrate writing because my sister is right here talking on the phone and it’s distracting me.. mmm.. so lAteR!!


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