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my brother turned 21 today!! happy b-day, mike! (haha – i never call my brother “mike.” it’s probably a lil annoying for him cuz nearly anyone who’s anyone to him calls him “mike”, but i perfer “michael”. )

ANYWAY – so now my mom and dad have a 21 year old, an eighteen year old and a sixteen year old… mmmm.. boy oh boy. maaan, i’m almost getting tired of people telling me how young i look. we were at walmart and my mom saw this lady she knew from a while ago and so they get to talking.. of course they talk about their kids and whatnot and so my mom tells her i’m heading into my first year of college next month.. and she’s like “aww.. really, but you’re a BABY”… oh my gracious.. yes, i do look young for my age, i guess. i have what ppl call a baby face. but please, i’ve been 18 since the beginning of march and shoot, when i turn 50 imma look 30 so i’m aiight with looking youthful.. LOL. you should see my mom. she looked her age and all when she was my age but if asked today i think ppl would guess a much younger age for her than she actually is.. the other day she came in from work and i’m like “ooh mommy, i think your hair.. and your outfit.. aww, you look so cute.” lol. she just looked at me.  haha… but i love my parents. a few years ago i wouldn’t think i’d be saying this now, but i think imma develop a real tight relationship with them as i grow up… i mean, i used to be more like “the problem child” but i’m so glad i grew out of that.

mmm.. i was gonna write more but imma leave it at that.

new song of the week: From a Woman’s Hand by Trey Songz


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