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so the first thing i did wrong was go to sleep. i had planned to stay up all night, get shit done, so my to-do list would be a lil shorter.. and i was up from 5 to 6:30 chatting with bruce online while i tried to figure things out at HUNet and i was not tired at all.. but then he had to go. and so i went into my bed (the mistake), flipped through a magazine, and then unfortunately laid down, closed my eyes and fell asleep. i was asleep from like 8:30 to 12.. i should have took a cool shower or started working on a project or something, anything besides getting in that bed.. and so now i’ve been taking care of some other odds and ends and it’s 4 something and i realized – i need to call hampton and that hair place..

so — after i got all my stuff together, i called my mom first and then called HU’s financial aid office.. but no one’s there and the call goes to voice mail.  man, why am i so late with everything. i mean, i should be used to it now.. my family’s late with everything, but it doesn’t get easier each time. i hate it. so now, i need to call Hampton like YESTERDAY. well, i just got the thing in the mail today so i have a valid reason for actually not calling yesterday.. they sent out those financial “reminders” but i was like “i don’t think i have to worry about this cuz i’m on full scholarship so my financial status should be cleared.” but no. today, my dad comes over and brings this notice that says i owe $10,303 dollars or something.. i’m like “NOO!” And of course it’s due Aug 1st so now i’m stressing a tad. first of all, there’s no way in the world i should have fines to pay cuz i signed and returned a scholarship awards letter verifying that i’m getting like $11,400 or something for fall semester. and second, if something goes wrong, there’s no way i can pay $10,303 by Aug 1st. And i don’t really want to take out a loan or delay my admission or anything. but anyway – none of this should be happening because i’m supposed to be on scholarship!!! what’s the deal? anyway – last night, while i was up forever, i decided to go through all my HU correspondence and i was going all through HUNet and i was checking my financial status and all.. and it turns out i’m cleared for the awards letter and everything but have outstanding obligations for things with the FAFSA. now, me and my mom filled out the FAFSA online (kinda late) but i’m pretty sure we got everything completed and filled out. i don’t understand taxes or the FAFSA so it was basically up to my mom to take care of it and help me to understand it a lil.. now, my status for the outstanding obligations say “Established (Required)”. I’m guessing that means we started it but not finished it or something. But my mom says she is going to talk to the people at HU’s financial aid office tomorrow. It’s hard cause she doesn’t get out of work til 5:30 and they def won’t be answering the phones then so i might have to go to work with her and make the call sometime during the day. I’m thinking that getting the outstanding obligations cleared will clear my financial status.. Hopefully. And i thought we were done with the FAFSA junk for this year, but if not, i REALLY hope we can get it cleared by Aug 1st.. who knew you’d have to be a tax/financial genius and be on top of your taxes to go to college. who knew getting a scholarship would still manage to give you stress….

anyway – the other thing i did was call the hair salon. now, it shouldn’t be late calling at 4:30 and actually it wasn’t.. the call didn’t go to voicemail or anything – i got those three tones (yall know) and then the “the number you have reached has been disconnected”…  maan, i should have got the sign cuz i had called the toll free number earlier and it wasn’t working. but then i call the main number and got nada once again. and i had a good feeling about this place too… but what can i expect? i just got the number out the phone book from their ad. i haven’t heard about it or been there.. i had really wanted to go to that natural hair salon in philly, but i know that that’s really kinda an inconvenience. and i want my hair cut now… and done for a good price. so i’m really considering in getting some hair scissors and doing it tonight or something.. i mean, i heard tons of stories about ladies doing their BC (big cut) themselves.. although i wasn’t sure i could do it myself.. what do i have to lose? at any case, i can make an emergency appointment to a barber tomorrow and hopefully he/she will fix me up right.. but hey, i never thought my natural hairstyle had to be specifically, expertly shaped.. i always thought free-formness was cute. but the thing is – will i go through with this tonight? the maybe bigger question is – do i tell my mom about my plans? my mom recognizes i’m growing and i have to do things and make choices on my own. i mean, i was pleasantly shocked when i told my parents that i already knew i wanted to switch majors and career choices from bio & PT (physical therapy) to print journalism & a writer.. but i already brought up the whole cutting it myself thing and she wasn’t really feeling it. i just want to do something.. the hard thing is that she isn’t napptural crazed like me (and plus she has a totally different texture of hair than me) and so it even gets hard for me to explain to her my desires for my hair..

for some reason i feel like i have half a dozen more things to vent about.. but i’m sick on being on this pc.

and for other reasons besides the ones above, i’m sad…  so au revior..


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  1. i say dont stress about hu cuz i got the same notice and i called hu way back when to make sure i was caught up with my money. the lady told me i only owed like $3,000 by aug 1st. so definitely call and check.
    GOOD LUCK!!!!

  2. thanks for the props on my page.  it means a lot.  u don’t have a clue how nervous i was about putting my life story on here, but it was something God told me i had to do, so i had to obey.  it was worth it if you got something out of it.
    with the whole HU financial situation, just call and talk to someone ASAP.  they tried that mess with me freshman year.  if you didn’t do deferred payment and have a scholarship for full tuition (which it sounds like to me) u just owe a sememster of room and board, which is like $3,000.  the rule is that you have to make the first payment out of pocket, it can’t come from financial aid or scholarships.  STUPID, i know.  u can get it a refund back later in the year if u have a negative balance in your account.
    God bless and if u see me at HU, feel free to give me a shout out.

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