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i must be in a good mood.. AOL just signed me off, losing 2 paragraphs on xanga-ness, but i didn’t get frustrated or upset not even a little tiny bit. i’m listening to my favorite song (by the way, i have about one million and one favorite songs). it’s off The Wedding Planner soundtrack.. i just downloaded it after watching the end of the movie and hearing it.. it’s that song that plays when Steve and that girl decide to call off their wedding and Mary goes to the courthouse to marry Mossimo. it’s called Plan on Forever. i didn’t even know that until i looked it up. haha.. but i love that song. i love the end of that movie.. it brings tears to my eyes watching it. i was reciting all the words too.. lol. i used to wonder for the life of me how my cousins did that back in the day.. know all the words to movies so they could recite them by heart while watching them.. but them again, back then, i couldn’t understand how my brother could know the words off the rap songs he listened to either.. i guess i just wasn’t as sharp as i am now.

i was trying to tape The Wedding Planner but my ‘lovely’ pc was giving me technical difficulties.. so right now it’s taping about 2 hours and fifteen minutes of channel 1 (which is nothing) and i can’t even stop it… lol. oh well. like i said, i’m in a good mood.

my mommy called hampton and yes – they verified that i owe them NOTHING… yea!!!!! that’s good to know. i just wish i could see a paper that showed me that i was financially cleared instead of still having to stare at that bill they sent me. but hopefully, all’s straight and no “mishaps” or “misunderstandings” will come up in the future.. and yeah, i’m excited about starting at Hampton in 4 weeks.

i should go to bed soon, cuz i think i might actually be… going to Philly tomorrow!!!!  and i was just saying how i haven’t been to philly all summer. but it is the weekend and i think my mom wants something to do – some change of scenery.. and tonight she was just like.. do you want to go to Philly tomorrow morning.. oh course i said yes.. so we’ll see how things actually play in the morning.. i think we might just be taking the train there too. and i might go get my hair cut at AuNaturale.. i have to call up early in the morning when they first open to make sure they can take me, if i’m going.. i know they accept walk-ins but it’s on first come, first served and i’d hate to get out there and not be able to get my hair done.. if not, we can always just go shopping or just walk around the city (or go somewhere else to get my hair done). you know, just chill around and see the fine Philly boys.. hehehe.

man, my cousin is getting married in one week!! that’s probably why my mom wants to make sure i get my hair done.. but maan, i need something to WEAR! but i can’t wait until the wedding. i almost wish i could go to the reception too cuz i’ve been watching all them wedding planning shows and plus i am an adult too (lol – 18 AND a half.. haha) and this is MY FIRST cousin.. not some distant relative.. but just going to the wedding will be cool in itself. Rose seems so sweet and wonderful and all so i KNOW for a fact that Marc (my cuz) is going to have a wonderful life with her. and he’s going to be a stepdad too so that’s real cool. It was cute at the wedding shower when Marc and Robert were wearing matching jerseys.. lol. i wonder if Marc and Rose will have more children or if the family will be just them three. Sean’s coming up from Atlanta, even though DeeDee and the kids couldn’t come and i know that Roger will be looking down on his brother’s wedding from heaven.

mmmm.. so much is happening and the summer’s coming to a close with the days going by faster and faster… but it really feels good.



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