searching for a guide through life

so much about my world that i don’t understand…

i feel random today…

why does 06 have soo much more cuter guys than 05 (concerning Absegami only)?

why is myspace soo much better than facebook?

why must my dad’s theme song have to switch from P.I.M.P to Back Then?  meaning why can’t he find better hip hop altogether?

why is the media’s standards for beauty so slim (figuratively, but also literally)?

why are we so insecure?

why must we experience the agony and uncomfortableness of liking someone who doesn’t like you back or having someone like you who you don’t like back?

why is there so much hate?

why don’t fairy tales come true?

why is it so hard being a christian?

why do so many people love TI?  

why am i waiting for a change?

why don’t we, why don’t we, why don’t we fall in love??

LOL — the last one’s just out there.. taHEhehehe..

ok, i’m out.


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  1. Yes that was really really random but i do often ask myself the same questions …………… why don’t we fall in love? seriously

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