searching for a guide through life

i think i am sick.. i can feel it coming on, but i’m fighting it..  i guess i should be doing the whole drink liquids and rest thing.. i don’t think i’m going to that carnival thing tonight now though.. it’s aiight cuz by the way my mom described it it didn’t sound like nothing much.. just for the kiddie kids i guess. if my cousins were down here i’d take ’em.

DJS family reunion is next weekend.. i dunno why all the reunions were so late in the summer this year.. well, i know why the DJS one was.. nobody was getting things together so granny and uncle al and uncle sterling and them had to take charge. mmmm, a couple more years and me and my cousins will be taking over i suppose. getting things back on track. mmm, anyways, it’d be nice to see all the family. then it’s one more free weekend in jersey and then off to VA.. oh boy..

oh.. i think imma wear that black dress i had to marc’s wedding tomorrow. it’s not THAT low cut.. haha. well maybe a little but not more than this dress i tried on today and plus it’s aiight. or i could do my graduation dress – the white one, not the old eighth grade one but i won’t get it dry cleaned by tomorrow and i dunno how washing it by hand would be. so black dress it is.. imma go try it on in a minute and then get me some water and rest… i’m really not feeling well – and i hate being sick.. you know what else i hate… trying on clothes – especially dress shopping. ewww. Lisha’s sweet sixteen thing scarred me for life.. haha.. i love you, alisha!!! but trying on dress after dress just makes me want to become a designer all that much. and i will.. one day imma be making my own clothes. cuz besides the expensive cost of good clothing these days, there is the style and fit. and yeah, i am picky with styles i like, but just trying on things is soo discourgaing to me sometimes. i’m short, i’m thick, and i have big boobs… man, i hope when i lose weight, i get rid of some of this chest because some of these people making these clothes today just don’t know what to do with big chested girls..

but that’s enough complaining for today.. hey – i caught the VERY end of that Bow Wow and Ciara video.. maan, i want to see it all.. i haven’t even heard the song yet.. but Bow Wow was definately looking right in that video..   aww, i need to get my trey songz cd.. i need to go to the bookstore too.

well, i’m out. lata!!



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