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i’m HOME!

ok, first – a recap on that past couple days… actually the recap will probably be just about all i write because i’m bout to go to sleep real soon.. but anyways..

thurs – basically nothing at all happened that day. stayed home. wasn’t feeling all too great and was basically  and lonely throughout the night (while my sister was having so much fun, but we won’t get into that)… anyway, it was the first night of Galloway’s carnival, which turned out to be much better than expected or atleast what my mom was expecting by the way she was describing it beforehand. but they made a lot of money, which was good. and a lot of people had fun, which was good for them (not me). my sister comes home and mentions that maurita was there… then the next day she goes and mentions that malcolm was there.. not that malcolm is anyone special to me, just that i, like many (too many) other girls, used to have a “crush” on him. but anyways, i should have went and all.. it’s just that i don’t like calling up people to have them give me rides and plus, i would have probably still been lonely there.. cuz me and my lil sister… we’re losing that closeness. and i would have felt less close cuz she was there with her boyfriend and his mom (?).. i mean, pj’s cool.. we’ve just never really gotten to be “close” or anything near it. but anyway, so that’s thursday.

friday – Marc’s wedding!!! imma need to remember that date – aug 5th (as in reference to Rose and Marc’s anniversary in all the years to come). so anyway – the day was beautiful. but you will not believe this… tell me why we had to be LATE to my own cousin’s wedding?? who is late to a wedding? yes, my family has the tendency to be late always but still… come on now. we were in the car and i was saying how we were late and my dad was like “no weddings start on time.. everybody’s always waiting for the bride to come in.” (for some reason, the man seems to compare every wedding to his cousin Pete and his wife Cara’s wedding which he and my mom went to last year in arizona.. where Cara was like an hour and a half late and all) but nope, this wedding started on time.. i think they waited three minutes after 5 and then started. we came in like 15 minutes after 5 and cousin terri and tosha were late too and they all were like, “nope, i don’t think it started yet. i don’t even see any limos or nothin out here.” but it had started and we had to sneak in all late.  ::shaking my head::  we missed the processional and the reading of the scriptures but we did catch the other good parts, like the vows, the exchanging of the rings, the lighting of the unity candle… all that good stuff. it was a Catholic ceremony because Rose’s family’s Catholic i guess but now that i think of it, i think the only weddings i’ve been to were Catholic weddings because all the Johnson boys were raised Catholic, i believe.. but anyway.. after the ceremony we went to the reception and was late for that too..  although we were one of the first ppl to get there.. but the reception was very nice. there was soo much food, it was crazy. the DJ was.. well, interesting.. haha.. the dance floor was small, but it seemed like everytime some spanish music was put on, the dance floor became crowded with all the spanish people – Rose’s side of the family. lol. i didn’t dance, but i enjoyed myself. i did want some alcohol – really, i just wanted to taste the sangria, but the waiter was going to give me champagne but i told him no.. there were way too many adults at my table who would have made a big fuss about it. lol. so that was late. but, oh my goodness, i cannot believe how big Darnell and Eric are.. my goodness – Eric is 13, maybe younger.. 12 or something and he is my height.. actually he’s probably definately taller than me. and Darnell.. oh my goodness, Darnell is 5’10” (and 15 yrs old).. i was like maaan. it was funny cuz he told carin, “i remember when i always wished i could be as tall as you”.. you know how girls grow more when they’re younger but the boys surpass them later? well, even though they’re only a yr apart, i remember those times growing up when carin would be much taller than darnell. now he hovers above her.. and that child is still growing.. haha.. but anyway, everything with the wedding was nice and now i have myself a new cousin.. actually two new cousins, Rose and Robert (her son). the family is growing.

speaking of family – sat and sun was the Wright family reunion.. we stayed up in east orange for the night. it was pretty cool. so many family i don’t know though.. and so many hampton alumni, it was a bit overwhelming. i would go more into the reunion recap but i’m too tired now.. haha.. off to bedyby!!



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