searching for a guide through life

was gonna write the other day when i changed my pic but the internet had kicked me off.. haha..

<< that’s me with my “wildy” type hair.. lol.. according to Kelsie aka Kelly Koo… awww, my lil cousins are so precious to me.

the family reunion was great! i mean, nothing special i suppose, but still great in its own way. oh my goodness, i can’t believe that uncle sterling and aunt nina have like 9 grandkids already.. and another on the way. it seemed like just yesterday they had their first grandkid.. maaan, there were so many lil babies, lil kids.. around two years old.. man, the reunion was great.

other news – i put myself a new ringtone on for the first time!! lol. “like you” by bowwow and ciara..

i have so much to take care of in the next 12 days it’s crazy.. and wonderful.. mmmm, i’m going off to college. imma be living in VA

my mood: happiness



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