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haha.. since i’m about to be off heading to college, i decided to make an “all the ifs” entry about all the things i woulda, coulda, shoulda did in the past or just fun stuff to think about concerning some “what ifs”
OK, sooo

if i coulda made out/had relations (lol) with someone from hs: (why was this the first question that popped into my mind?) MT: the sexy version
if i coulda had a boyfriend in hs: (and no, i didn’t) MT: the lil boy version (LOL)
if i could have told someone how i truly felt about them: corey
if i coulda mouthed off to someone/cursed them out: that blond girl.. kimberlee, i think
if i woulda told off a teacher: maaan, that was so not my style, but mrs. rhinehimer probably.. but i would have did it in a polite way
if i would have not taken one class that i did: mrs. rhinehimer’s child growth and development class… it was so pointless
if i coulda created my own lunch table with anybody: Roy, MT (lil boy), Frazier, Leketa, Carmella, Amanda, Carin, Katrina (my Kat), Jimmie (or is it Jimmy?), Patrice, Harrison (lol; 88)
if i woulda done another sport: football (yeah, BABY).. sike, i woulda got hurted all up, so maybe something like girls soccer or cheerleading
if i would been in another club: i woulda just been more involved in art club all 4 years… oh, i woulda done yearbook, maybe photography club, maybe Gami Gazette

aiight that’s it for now… more to come later.. maybe. if i feel like it.. haha



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  1. yey! im in ur lunch table! nd i love the poem, btw

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