searching for a guide through life

oh, i have a feeling this will be a long entry…. hehehe

maan, today certainly feels like a monday, not a friday… cuz yesterday felt like an entire weekend. haha. it took forever for us to get out and headed to six flags. you know us, late for everything. ::shaking my head:: we went to SAM’s earlier to buy snacks for the day and to do dorm shopping part deux (is that “2” in french, i have no idea. lol) i swear, it must be in my daddy’s mind to spoil me. haha. not entirely a bad thing, but not the most greatest (haha) thing either.. i need to learn to provide for myself and manage my own money. but, lol, the man slips me and my sister some “chump change” money.. “for school shopping,” he says. then we also get some checks for the work week. HAHA. please. i already told my dad i don’t work there no more. i put that money directly into my account though and i have two more checks imma do tha same too.. OH, and…. i got my financial clearance letter!!!! my dad gave it to me yesterday. had my day starting off right. YE-YAH!!

so anyway, the Six Flags trip was great. it was our family minus michael, the Monroes, and Julian. highlights of the trip include:
*getting Julian to actually really socialize with us older girls
*seeing cousin Marc (LOL! that was so crazy and unexpected)
*seeing that boy from Blue Heron
*hearing from Uncle Eddie that Tocarra (from America’s Next Top Model; Celebrity Fit Club) was there and in line for fries with him
*waiting on line for a hour and a half only to leave it due to technical difficulties and shit — CHRISSY!!!!
*running through the park (actually running) like we had no sense.. lol.. (and you know i couldn’t be as fast as like Julian.. i had flip flops and a big chest.. lol.. what do you expect)
*claiming that everyone in the park kept following our trend
*going on rides with my mommy
*going on rides period. we got there so late that it was just like that first thing, American Scream, Batman the Ride, that thing that takes you up and then straight down, and Superman
*powerwalking to Superman and getting in line ten minutes before the park closed
*leaving at 11:15 for a park that closed at 10
*all the fione boys/men there
*just everything!

i’m telling you, August has been such a good month..

i woke up this morning and was thinking, i can’t believe in less than a week, i’ll be waking up in a different bed in an entirely different place. it’s crazy. i’ve been in galloway since i was 5. had the same close group of friends for over four years. haven’t been on my own alone for longer than 10 days when i did college tour. and i was SOO ready to be home when that ended although it was a good experience. it’s just all this will be so brand new. but it’s been coming for a while and i guess i’m ready as i ever will be for the changes.. (besides shopping… i have a lot of that to do before i get there)

maurita starts orientation at Bucknell today. she’s the earliest from our little group to go off to school. she starts actual classes on the 24th which is even before i move in at hampton. carmella moves in after me. haven’t heard from laura in like ages so i have no clue about her shit but i think temple moves in closer to the time me and carm do. and then amanda’s got it easy cuz she doesn’t have to do the whole transition to a new place thing. she’s staying right at home and communting to Rowan which is about an hour drive or something. she should be an expert driver by the time i come back for winter break. lol. next year i think she’s getting an apartment with kelsey up in that area. but yeah… chapter II – the Tibs in college. i have a feeling a LOT of changes will be occuring but i just hope we keep in touch and not stray TOO far from each other.

aiight so i’ve written enough for today. haha..

more later — like tomorrow.. lol.


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