searching for a guide through life

i need to find a way to get some of my old strength back ASAP. sometimes i feel like i be treading on some thin surfaces. (sidenote: recently i’ve been catching myself with a whole lot of subject-verb misuses or whateva)

i got in a little fight with my mom today. i felt like i was 15 years old or something. i snapped at her and she snapped back at me and i hated it. it’s like, i can FEEL the stress in my life right now and i hate it. and my physical gets so tied in to my mental especially as far as stress is concerned and i hate that too.. while i’m on it, i hate that fact that i haven’t cut my hair yet. i hate having second thoughts about it. i hate that i never started my novel. i hate that i haven’t really worked out this summer. i hate that i didn’t get a job this summer. i hate that i don’t drive. i hate that i can be self conscious about my looks. i guess you get the trend. mmm.. that’s why i need some positivity.. some strength.

well tomorrow’s (today’s) a new day… and although i’m not going to church, i hope it will still be a good day.



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