searching for a guide through life

i… am… getting… so… tired….

the plan was to make tonight an all-nighter, since i figure on of these next few days will be — might as well be today. but i am so doggone tired now. and hungry. the stomach ache kinda went away only for it to be replaced by hunger pains.. i had the same thing tonight for dinner as i did the night before – barbeque chips and grapes.. so healthy, right? you’d think my anorexic ways would have me losing weight, but no. bad metabolism, bad! lol.

anywho… i can’t believe there’s only 3 days left.. man, i was planned on writing a whole big schpeel about it all – all my thoughts and feelings – but forget that. i barely have enough energy to blink. pack. that’s what i’m supposed to be doing with my “all-nighter” extra time. but now, i’m thinking it’d be best to sleep. the only reason, i’m against it is that i know now that since it’s 3am, i’d want to sleep until noon and i’m trying to do one of those early day things.. maybe i’ll just make myself a nice “to-do” list, set my alarm clock, place it on the other side of the room so i have to get up and walk a big distance to turn it off, and then get some sleep… mmmm… sounds good, but i don’t know if i’ll stick to that plan. but hmmm… maybe TOMORROW would be better for the all-nighter.

i have so much stuff to take care of still. yep, stress is starting to get to me, but i’m cool.. well, sometimes.

i have SOO much more in this brain of mine to divulge but i suppose that will have to be at a later time.. NIGHT!


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