searching for a guide through life

maybe i should start a countdown… 2 and a half days and counting… oh boy!

my momma says i should go to bed early and stop doing things will stimulus (aka going on the computer, watching tv, reading) late at night so i’ll fall asleep at a decent hour and thus wake up at a decent hour.. lol, but she also said as an alternative i should clean up at night because the work will make me tired.. haha.. that’s my mother. we have been getting into it lately because of the stress from preparing to move out, but it’s aiight. nothing too bad that we can’t handle.

anywho… today, the ending of today was cool. during the day i hardly did anything. worked out for a second, read a lot (by the way, i finished The Interruption of Everything by Terri McMillan and it was great!).. then when my mom came home we went shopping – part i-can’t-remember-because-there’s-been-much-shopping-trips… lol. you know i had to wait to the last minute with everything.. and yes, tomorrow will be more shopping because where in the world will i get this white dress/suit from? haha.. my room is full with shopping bag because of course i haven’t packed yet. i need to go to the bank too… hmmm… but anyway, as i was finishing up in border’s real quick, my cell rings and i think it’s my mom in the car and i pick it up quick and it’s carm and she’s basically inviting herself over. lol. at first i was like “umm.. well…” cuz i was just thinking of ending my stressful shopping trip by going home and putting jammi’s on and watching a movie. but instead i check with my mom and call the chile back and tell her to come over. and i am sooo glad i did. i hadn’t chilled with any of my highschool friends and we’re about to be going away for a while and the visit was long overdue.. so she came over with her new boyfriend darryl and his brother p (paul). now, i’ve been friends with carm long enough to see her go through a deal of boyfriends and her choices must be getting better over time because i think darryl is soo good for her. it was cool hanging out with them for a lil while. both darryl and p seem like good people and i’m glad to have met them. and it was just soo nice getting to catch up with carm again, even for a lil bit. we still think on the same wavelengths.. i told her after all this time, i can still read her mind. and that’s cool.

WELL – i ought to be getting some sleep. hopefully i won’t oversleep this morning. ::crosses fingers and wishes real hard::


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