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another post mignight xanga entry… dang, will i ever post at normal hours like normal people? lol

WELL… today was eventful to say the least. so of course, imma write about everything… haha.. starting off, i went to bed so late so i could not wake up early and so when i did finally get out of bed, i’d have these “sleeping fits” where i’d fall asleep anywhere.. like my sister’s bed, on the floor outside my sister’s room when she kicked me out… LOL. i’m so not a morning person.. hehe. but anyway, i got ready (and found out that yeah, i am losing weight sleeping. lol ) and my parents came home and we drove out to deptford so carin and i could do some shopping while my dad went to motor vehicles. i FINALLY got my white dress for the freshman induction ceremony and got two business/dress attire suits because as i told carin, “i’m a professional woman now, i can’t be wearing jeans everywhere!” but now, due to my shopping, i’m basically out of cash. i was trying to pay with debit card today so i’d still have cash-on-hand but either i forgot my PIN number of the stupid swipe thing just wasn’t working… mmmm.. i got to go to the bank tomorrow anyway… ::closes eyes and wishes i had a car to be able to take me to run my errands:: lol. ANYWAY — then we went to Philly (aka the best city in the world!) because we’d have to pick up my grandfather at the airport later but we had time to spare….. so yep, i did it. we went over to Au Naturale in Germantown and Nicole got her hair cut!!!!!  i am sporting this CUTE, short, curly fro right now. it’s so sexi.. haha. i will take pics later. i was so unsure about getting it the half hour up to before we headed to philly but when i looked in the mirror after it was done…. lol. i was surprised at first, but then i fell in love. i really like it. my grandfather – i thought he would have something to say about it but he was smiling and said he really liked it and that i looked something like maya angelou with my fro  (such a great compliment). but yeah, so i love my hair and i love philly and i can’t believe i only have one full day left in jersey before going to VA and life’s wonderful….



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  1. !! i love it too!!! in a day, u’ll be posting at a complete new location and i won’t know the events ur talking bout cuz i won’t be there and u’re gunna start this whole new life. learn new things, meet new ppl, have new experiences, and and and!….. i’m proud of u, girl. and was so proud of u yesterday… and will be so proud of u forever, as i always have been.
    i love you ‘colegirl.

  2. your hair is so pretty

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