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soo.. we didn’t leave this afternoon, we’re leaving in about an hour or so. i still have to pack up the toiletries, load up the car and do my hair. and i have to get my stuff together for my mommy to (later on) take care of for me and write out this thank you to my parents…

i’m getting slightly allergetic… i hope i’m not allergic to Hampton.. (yes, i can be allergic to places.. ). i hope my cell phone has service down there…

ok – maybe i’ll post more later, but i gotta go and take care of my business.. if not, the next one will be from VA.


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  1. Well, good luck to you on the allergies- I personally get sick at least once a semester from the strange things that grow in Hampton.  Hope that everything is well with you at HU (awwwww, I remember when I first got there. Ah, memories…)!

  2. ur still sick… awww my poor baby ! we’re in hampton now. and its still hard for me to believe. I’m on michael’s sidekick haha and ur sleepin. awww ur so beautiful. imma miss u so much, I can’t even begin to describe. I love you nicole! and I can’t wait till thanksgiving. oo and paul john wishes u good luck and take care and says that u will be missed up here. to all u hampton folk, ur school is beautiful and wonderful! u may see me there in 2 yrs haha. watch out for my big sis, alrite? xoxoxoxo

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