searching for a guide through life

aiight soo… i’m at hampton now – on my slow ass computer with my fucked up mouse in my single dorm room. lol.. didn’t they tell us not to have profanity here in our language… mmm.. oh well.

things have been cool so far. hampton’s nice.. i mean it has it’s good points and bad points, ya know. good stuff: the girls in my dorm are real cool and friendly-like and all, i actually have liked some of the meetings/scheduled events, here and there i’m meeting my people from that lil internet group and from facebook or xanga (lol) and that’s cool.. umm.. the block party last night was great.. now on the other side: tonight’s lil open house was ummm…  yeah… i have to have bio as my major this semester (when i want to just be a regular print journalism freshman like all the others). the food is.. well, let’s just say that between all the walking and sweating and the quality of food here… i could see myself losing the freshman fifteen. oh yeah, VA is HOTT – i mean as in temperature wise…

but anyway, i know it’s all gonna be an adjustment. classes start up next tues and i think upperclassmen come on friday.. soo… well see how things are in a month or so.

i miss my partner-in-crime AKA “little” AKA Carin (my sister). she’s an only child now cuz i heard my brother just left too.. but she’ll come to get used to it.. i miss all my family though. and even my friends… although i hardly saw any of them this summer…

mmm… i could use a “friend” (lol) – you know! a man by my side who could be there for me emotionally, intellectually, spiritually, and (maybe most important – lol) physically.. being at that block party last night had me thinking bout some things.. and there are so many girls on this campus. my brother was like “this looks like an all girls school.” lol.. i love ’em but i need me some “buddies”.

aiight. i’m out.


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  1. Sounsd like you’re off to a good start! single room, huh? Could you possibly be a…Kennedy Queen?!?!? As far as “special friends” go, oh- there are plenty. Don’t be deterred by the seemingly large amount of females; you can take em! Hope that all is going well with you; I know things’ll be much better once all of those “madatory meetings” wind down.

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