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i talked to mr. monroe on the phone tonight… lol. he was like (after hesistating) “have you met anybody down there”… and i was like… “nooo.. unfortunately, no” (not that the boys here aren’t fine, i just haven’t established anything or anything close to being anything yet) haha. it was funny, cuz he was all saying things like “oh well, maybe we’ll go out to a club when we’re back home and we can get a drink” (i haven’t had anything alcoholic in so long) and “maybe i’ll come down with my car and visit you at hampton”… shoot, what happening to getting together over the summer – you know, when we were in the SAME zip code?? LOL..  but whateva…. i’m just waiting for him to get on xanga (i think he had one at one time) cuz he already got on myspace and just got on facebook.. i wonder if i’ll have to put more censorship in my entries… haha.. especially now that i’m here cuz when ppl would read my entries back home it’d usually only be from off the hu blogrings.. haha.. we’ll see

aww. today we were in the cafe and Leslie’s (MAMA) phone rings and her face lights up cuz it’s this boy named drew.. and i was thinking in my head.. ‘i used to know a special Drew..’  half the time i expect lil boy to be here.. just come from out of somewhere throwing up the Harkness sign.. lol.. awww.. this year is already so different from last year cuz i’m thinking about dudes 24/7 again.. last year, i was out of it. i was like “forget these Gami/Galloway boys”.. i didn’t go to prom, didn’t care about nothing or nobody.. but this year things feel brand new cuz i’m up on that mindset again… i aint boy crazy, i aint fast, i aint no slut.. i just tend to think a lot.. about everything, but boys do hold a certain percentage of the collective thoughts.

mmmmmm.. so anyway.. that’s all for now.



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  1. lol! i was so confused, when u said mr. monroe, i thought uncle eddie! lol sry, that was funni.

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