searching for a guide through life

wassup, wassup, wassup…..

ummm.. i got my laptop now!! but my AIM is not hooked up now…  that has to get done pronto.. well.. upperclassmen come tomorrow and then classes start tues. those will be the two newer adjustments… i guess i’m getting used to this place so far. but man, they keep talking bout dress code and so i tried on one of my cute shirts just now and realized… it does show too much in the umm.. cleavage area.. i’m sad too. cuz that’s my cute shirt.. how the yellow compliments my complexion and all. lol. and i was made cuz i saw a girl wearing it today. but she was small, in all areas, so she didn’t have my issue.. umm.. i might find a way to get around it…

but on other hands… my little sister begins her junior year on tues too.. and i won’t be around there with her…   well, she better do her summer homework and start her year off right. i hope she enjoys junior yr.. that was one of the better ones for me… awww.. the memories…

anyways… there’s this thing here at 6:30 so i should be getting ready soon.. i haven’t taken any pictures here yet to send back home.. i guess i should get up on that. sometimes i don’t even think i unpacked everything.. like some stuff are hiding somewhere.. it’s probably just that i forgot to bring them. i wrote a poem yesterday.. ::smiles shyly:: it aint all that good but decent just the same and it just feels good to just have written something.. i’ve been out of it for a whiles now.. and um… why does the subject matter of my poems usually center around a few select sources of inspiration?? LOL. awww, i remember the first song i wrote about my feelings for… “that child”.. awwww..

aiight. imma go and put on some ogden attire now.. lol. peace. i’m out.



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