searching for a guide through life

mmmm.. so..

my mommy and my daddy decided to call me today! lol. they must miss me.. haha. i feel kinda bad cuz my mommy called me when i was trying to get some stuff settled about getting my schedule and i was in a lil frustrated mood.. she picked up on it.. but imma probably call her back later to say hi and i love her. i think she didn’t recognize my voice when i called.. LOL. but then i was like “i was just returning your call” (she had initially called me first and i missed it) and she goes “OH! well, where are you? the number came up unlisted.” (i had called her off of voicemail) haha.. that mommi of mine. and then my dad called when i was in the honors college lab reading with david and so i told him i’d call him back later. so i’ll call both of them tonight. we’ve got our induction ceremony tonight — being escorted to Ogden (five steps away. lol) by our wonderful brothers in pierce hall. and then there’s the blue and white party tonight. yep! i want to really dance this time.. last time, i mostly just stood around with david, listening to the music and talking.. which was cool, but i wanna dance just a lil bit more tonight.. lol. i still don’t think i can dance to reggae or go-go yet… lol, but i’ll get used to it.

you know, i guess there are some good things about growing up…. some….  haha

aiight. i’m out.



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