searching for a guide through life

double entry day!!

first of all, i want to say to my baby sister – Nicole Loves You! haha. i was just looking at the note you left me on my board before you left. i have more to say to you, but i’ll leave that for another time – not over xanga.. i think imma call home tomorrow evening anyways…

so… ummm.. yeah, mi passion.. haha. i told this kid yesterday that i was a print journalism major (well, you kno, almost) because writing was my passion. and yes, it is. i do like to read and write.. it’s my thing. but i have written in such a LOOONG time. i mean like something i consider substantial.. then again, i’m my best critic so what is substantial to me is limited. but forreal though, i haven’t really written in a good while.. ::big sigh:: but yeah….

anyway… was that guy in the student center flirting with me?  i dunno… ok, so, umm.. there are soo many fine guys here at hampton. plently of nice seeming ones too. and it’d be nice.. maybe also a little challenging.. but nice, to be part of a couplet. lol. but right now… it’s like, i’m not even in that frame of mind… i was when i first got here (maan, it’s only been two weeks, not even) but then i got sidetracked/confused by someone back home.. and it’s like my gurls have been asking have i met anyone i like right here and it’s like “nooo..” but not a bad ‘no’.. just an indifferent ‘no’. and today that old thought “i’ve fallen in love before; i’m satisfied, don’t need to repeat it” flashed through my mind.. but i rejected that as craziness.. it’s just like.. i don’t even care right now and i feel like i should, but then again, when i thought i did have a “crush” on someone when i first came here, i hated the feeling… i guess i’m just trying to do me right now. i’m hoping everything else falls in place.

why am i procrastinating on stuff when school JUST started? why have i repped Jersey more this past 2 weeks than i ever have in my LIFE? why don’t i have a spot for my books in my room and WHY did they cost so doggone much? do i have secret money in my pirate powercard that i don’t know about? (lol. i am so cheap.) why does the internet like to play games with me? what’s going down for me this weekend? is there peace in the middle east?

i’m out.


::edit – why do i hate being right, and i AM right?? (not with everything.. special circumstances.. but yeah, i was right )

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