searching for a guide through life

ok — uncensored entry… just cuz i’m happy and i don’t feel like using my brain to give people any type of code reference… reading my xanga could be a dangerous thing if it got in the wrong eyes.. but anyway, malcolm added me as a friend on myspace.. lol. which is so pathetic to be writing but got me sooo geeked when i saw it. i wanted to scream forreal.. so i called up amanda cuz she’d understand.. thank goodness she answered.. lol.. so i got to be all giddy over the phone to her.. damn, this boy.. malcolm is soooo fine. i don’t even care if he’s a man whore or not… i’d have fun with him… lol.. i was mad too cuz my myspace pic was not sexi at all.. lol. he is soo sexi.. damn. we have to play ball when i get back home. i haven’t played ball in ages.. the ironic thing is that today i’m wearing the jeans i wore when we were playing bball that time in the rain and i slipped and ended up skinning my knee and ripping my jeans.. i barely ever wear them either but i did today. mmmm.. ironic.. oh, and i think it might be cuz of bruce (that malcolm added me). thanks b. hmmm.. i hope he doesn’t fall for me again.. i’m soo bad. i start daggone things i shouldn’t. i don’t MEAN to.

so, for some reason, and i won’t call it odd cuz it’s not, i kept thinking about corey today.. mmmm…  really now. there’s so much i could speak on the topic but i don’t think i can go into it all today. all i’ll say is that i think i’ll always have love for that boy, in one way or another.

i think about boys too much. but come on. they are a vital part of life.

like music… vital to living.. i discovered a new “favorite song”… If I Were Your Woman by alicia keys..

i should do my homework.. it really isn’t a lot. i could get caught up on other stuff too.. but i’m lazy.. haha.. i think i just rather talk on the phone or something…

ok.. i lost all focus.. my mind is on ten different things right now.



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  1. mmhmm…. i see all that cleavage poppin out… so theres ur sexii picture, lol. anyways… gosh, i’m so glad ur happi little!!! hehe and go out to the waterfront! i think it would be awesome goin to school there. i’m glad ur livin it up, testin it out for me! mwahahaha. meybe i’ll just go to howard… haha sike nahh, i don’t realli kno. i think i was more concerned with college this summer than i am this school yr…. which is a shame cuz imma forget to sign up for SATs and start my college search and all that jazz. haha i need ur help big sis!!! i love you! and miss you….

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