searching for a guide through life

this will probably be a long entry so i’ll put that out there before anyone attempts to read.. haha, like most of my entries aren’t long… but i have a lot on my mind right now.. i don’t even know where to begin.

i read somewhere that college students almost have to live like a double life.. haha. sometimes, on a real level, it’s almost like i’m being pulled in multi directions. i’ve decided i have a description for myself – multi-faceted. haha.. i’m too complex, too into too many things. and i still haven’t figured out a balance yet.

mmm. i think too much. i can’t even get through writing because i’m getting sidetracked by all my thoughts.. damn. maybe later…

but i need to say one thing: i LOVE you , Carin! didn’t i tell you, you’d miss me? but really, i love you and i’m always here for you even when we’re apart. you’re my twin. you’re me.





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  1. Thanks gyrl! I needed the clarification on the project…Yea, Im in the tue/thurs class…See ya lataz:)

  2. lol some long entry…. haha. did u read my email?? no?? go read it! it’s exciting stuff… well, wen u have time, u busy college girl, u! lol i MISS YOU! and I LOVE YOU!!! oo… addition to the email information… granny’s here too! everyone misses you…. …
    <33 MUAHZ!

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