searching for a guide through life

aiight let’s try this again… haha, yeah, i know my last entry was crap, carin.

anywho, i just down here working the desk at Kennedy. a second group of ppl just came down to go to dinner so i’m probably gonna end up going in like a half hour or so by myself.. oh well.. i have nothing really to do later and i have nothing really to do now so i’m guess i’ll update my xanga.

maaan, it seems like so much is going on up at home!! my sister emailed me with the latest going-ons.. i want to be up there to see her, to see my godsisters, to see my parents, to see my grandparents, to see my UNCLE! i mean, how long has it been since i’ve seen Uncle Bob? how long has it been since he’s seen his kids? speaking of his kids – when will i be going down to visist Doni at UVA?  but yeah… even though i want to jump back home for a second, i’m really not homesick at all. i think it has to do with my warped sense of “home” and of “love.” sometimes i can’t fathom how much people really LOVE me and MISS me.. but they really do… i have to smile more when i talk on the phone to my parents. i just use my regular, laid-back voice and through miles and miles of phone connection, i guess it just sounds like something’s wrong or i’m bored or something. i’m not even going home until Thanksgiving break.. but hopefully i’ll make the most of it when i get down there. i really LOVE and MISS my family. they might come up for parent’s weekend. if they do, i’m gonna get them to take me around Hampton! i have no idea what Hampton is outside of the University.. i’ve been off campus twice?? it’s so sad.. lol. and maybe i’ll get them to let me drive too.. haha.. i wonder how my lil Lexus has been doing…

mmmm.. i was going to write about a lot more but i’m not.. i need to get off xanga. payce!



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  1. ur not homesick! u no miss me…   

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