searching for a guide through life

i can’t believe i still get caught up over the same guys i used to get caught up over years (PLURAL) ago… you know, i’d probably be perfect for a monogomous relationship should the right opportunity present itself. so the question is… when do you just let go??

mmmm.. i wish i had half as much commitment to thought with my schoolwork than i do with certain boys… i’m loving getting a college education, but school is school.. and if i were dying to get out of school come senior year, do you think things have changed that drastically? i think with me i just have to be doing something that i like, something that i enjoy… and time management is killing me.. i’ve had no big problems yet, but there are seriously not enough hours in the day.

i haven’t written in so long and this thing i read keeps coming back to me — “there are no original thoughts anymore”.. any story idea you come up with has been dealt with before and that just leads to me second guessing myself like crazy, cuz i love to be original.

i don’t even know how my whole mind point in life would be like if i had stuck with biology, being a physical therapist, instead of trying to chase a dream. i can’t begin to know how things would be in my life if i hadn’t been stupid.. if i had said yes instead of no to that boy. but i guess real life’s not about the what ifs.. right??



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  1. when referring to the past, right.
    when referring to the future, not right.

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