searching for a guide through life

my Dell DJ is definately broken…  WHY???

oh, and the cord for my phone wants to spontaneously slip in and out or whatever so i wake up and it has no charge..

speaking of waking up… i have stuff to do – not anything due tomorrow just stuff i ought to be working on and i’m thinking imma try to go to sleep now and just wake up early and do it.. but i am so not a morning person.. and i had wanted to wash my hair tonight.. but i just want to sleep now. maybe i’ll wash it tomorrow seeing i’m taking my shower at night then anyways in order to efficiently make it to six o’clock club. i need like a chill day (or two) to get myself together and all.. people be coming in my room and saying it’s clean and all but i really want to clean it so bad. i’d like to go to a store just to window shop. i’d like to get on some writing.. (and reading) remember when writing was a top issue in my mind…

maaaan, i want to do something with my hair. i had a dream i had longer hair the other day and lately i’ve been kinda feeling that i miss my long hair. imma have so much shrinkage cuz my hair’s so curly but i can’t wait til it really grows back. i love my hair now, but i never got the chance to properly experiment with it before i had to move to HU. i had cut it right before coming here… and so my lack of experimentation (lol) makes me a lil sad.

i have a bad relationship with love.. we are working through things, however.

sleep time.



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