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i’ve had xanga for over a year!!!! go me!!! i just went back to my first entry and it was September 25, 2004. awww.. and today i just looked up and realized i could do a whole bunch of things to my entries – like add color, make the font smaller, switch the alignments up.. LOL. all i use are smiley faces.. sometimes..

oh, i have to make a shoutout.. shoutoutz to DIZZY – former third floor, current fourth floor (SINGLES!) Kennedy Queen who told me today that she’s an avid reader to my xanga page..  hi, dizzy!

lol.. and i DO seem to be writing more in my xanga than what i be saying outloud. i dunno. i’ve always been kinda the quiet one, the listener.. and i’ve always write too much.. lol. but yeah, maybe i should work on my outspokenness a lil. cuz i was just thinking of the ppl i’m real talkative too on a normal basis and i can seriously count them on one hand. carin, doni (i guess but i haven’t talked with her in a long time), amanda, and maybe christina.. haha. i’m like the ultimate introvert sometimes.. aww, i miss my manders.. how i’d always be distracting her in class and vice versa.. we made such a good team.  good times, good times.. man, i should take a trip back to jersey just to go to fright fest at six flags with her.. i haven’t been to fright fest and i’ll be closed by the time i get up there for thanksgiving.. oh well.. oh, that’s another time when i do get loud… when i’m excited (whether good or bad) i have the tendency to be louder, to cuss more, and everything…

i seriously don’t want to work on my homework.. aiight, i’ll finish the reading and then i’ll see what’s happening on the porch. haha.. the porch is the spot. Top Model comes on tonight, but i’m not even into it that much no more.. nothing compares to third season with eva, tocarra, yaya and all them when they went to japan and all… i missed girlfriends this week too. i seriously don’t watch tv anymore, like i used to.

did you know, you can trick yourself into falling for someone more than you really feel. lol. i do it ALL the time.. get caught up in thinking about them all randomly throughout the day and then one of your random thoughts go: “maaan, i love ____” of course, you don’t really mean to use the L-word but once it comes out it’s like “damn.”  lol… or maybe that’s just me.  

aiight, on to this reading……….



::edit :: ok… nothing’s happening outside but campaigning.. and i’m sick of politics. i think i’ll take myself a lil nap…

702 All I Want lyrics

702 All I Want lyrics

All I want
Someone I can talk to
Someone who will listen to what I have to say
All I need
Some special attention
Someone who will metion the special things to me
Whatever you want
I not the kind of girl
Who doesn’t know what she wants
I see it in my mind
The kind of guy to treat me right
I know he’ll be strong
He’ll keep me going on
I’ll know him when he comes
He’ll be my number one
Speacial in every way
Takes time from busy days
To satisfy my needs
Says things to comfort me
(It’s not much to ask for…the things I want)
I’ll know him when he comes
He’ll be my number one
All that I’m
(All that I’m)
Looking for
(looking for)
Got to have
(got to have)
One mature
(ooh baby)
That you do and say
(do and say)
Touch my heart
(touch my heart in a special way)
All I want
All I need
Someone special
(till fade)

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