searching for a guide through life

i wrote a poem today…

so my day basically went like this. wake up. eat. class. career fair. lunch. class. SLEEP. sister II sister meeting. and then the rest of the time i just chilled in my room basically. went down to leslie’s for a lil bit. went to see what was happening downstairs but it was basically nothing so i left. oh, i called my sister and we watched Smallville over the phone together. awww, i do miss my little and just the normal stuff we did – joke about our undernourishment, watch tv shows together… just the littlest things, ya know. we should have fun on our thanksgiving break… and oh, wait until winter break starts — aww shit! i will be making the most out of the couple of weeks we have allotted out. i remember when i first came here i couldn’t wait until thanksgiving break and all. now, i don’t even care so much about going home. i like it here. however, i do LOVE and miss my family. i need to step into big sister mode. carin’s about to have to start picking out colleges and stuff and i def want to be there for her to guide her. my lil babi is definately growing up though. she is getting so attached to her boyfriend’s family which is wonderful but sometimes bittersweet at the same time…

oh, while we’re on the subject – i don’t have a crush anymore. not because of the guy though. he still is wonderful. i just don’t have a “crush” per se. and the poem i wrote was about LOVE. what’s new? can i get on another topic, please?

ahh, the career fair had me thinking about my future. my old resume still says i’m interested in bio, wanting to be a PT. oooo, time’s change. what will i be doing summer 2006 and where will i be spending my time?? good questions.

doni’s probably coming to see me this weekend a lil. she’s dropping off ppl in hampton too so maybe she can take me around to explore this town. i hate being somewhere and not knowing anything about where i am. it’s like yeah, i live in hampton, va, but i only know about living on hampton university’s campus – not much beyond it… sad..

i ate three carrots and i think it’s making me sick. my dinner was some Teddy Grahams and a Capri Sun cuz i def slept through dinner. if sedonia doesn’t come i think tomorrow will be another staying-in night…. ‘cept this time i will actually get things accomplished — or watch a movie (LOL). but i don’t think imma even think about going to that Blue Lightning Party. so what if i’m being antisocial – oh well…

sleep time.



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  1. hehe i wanna see ur poem!!! i wish i culd come visit u weneva i’d like… buh noo…. u just had to go all the way to VA! lol j/p, i’m glad u love it there… i miss u big sis..

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