searching for a guide through life

Tuesdays are depressing… why didn’t i write that article summary last night?? school is almost kinda getting on my nerves. lol. but i’m trying to stay positive about all things.

last night i called my sister and got to vent to her about the ongoing thing that i feel i cannot change about my life. haha.. our convo was crazy. we are too crazy. i miss her. i also wrote incoherent AIM messages to one of my oldest friends from school. she says that we keep each other in the dark about the going-ons in our life a lot, but me more especially. she’s right. i’d admit it to her too.

i need a hug.

i still like that boy.

i told a stupid white lie to someone about a week ago and it still bothers me. i hate lying.

oh, and when i just wrote i still like that boy, i’m not referring to the boy i wrote about in the last entry – the first love kid… noo… we’re not getting into that right now. i still like that kid i had a crush on that goes to hampton university… yeah… i should stop bull shitting and just put names before i start to confuse myself. but that be going too much into things.

why do i feel like i could tell someone else that i like said kid but that i’m not able to tell the kid himself? i’m telling you, i do this to myself.

i feel like being random.

but now i have no more to say.

on to this article summary…

why is it only tuesday?

peace & chicken grease.


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  1. yeah! grr tuesdays! i like ur picture . u miss me yey.

  2. wow… nicole, check my starrysky808 xanga from back in the day, go down a few entries to May 2, 2004. look at the comments, and tell me that’s not crazy… you think it’s her? well i guess it couldn’t really be anyone else…

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