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yes, i’m posting three times in one day. “whateva..” LOL. i guess yall have to just deal with it.

ummm.. first off who read (basically started and finished) Rufus McKinney’s autobiography Beating the Odds today?? moi!!! yep. go me. that was like, what, a 339 page book? ahh, the joys of reading. lol. actually, it didn’t even turn out as boring as i thought it’d be. and it’s only 9.. still have ample time for my other work. look at me being scholarly. who am i to be doing this.. lol.

so, i’ve kinda been in my room most of the day – most of the weekend? i mean, i was in Newport News on Saturday, i went to church today, and i go to the cafe for meals, but other than that i’ve mostly been chilling up in 306. my room…. hmm.. i think i need to clean it. that will be tomorrow’s task. and i should tell someone bout my air.. i mean, my air condition’s on the coolest it can go but it stays warm in my room. luckily my dad bought me a fan when i first moved in. and so i’ve been putting off telling anyone official bout my air cuz my fan keeps it aiight and i adjust to environments well.. so even though i step in my room and it’s warm at first, in a few minutes i’m straight. but i think i need more air ventilation or something cuz i take swimming and my room be smellling like chlorine after my two swim class days. maybe i’ll bring down a dehumidafier or atleast some air freshener when i come from home. that’s the only issue i had with my air – i didn’t want my room to be stifling when i came back to it after 3 days cuz i didn’t feel as long i should leave the fan on while i’m gone – that’d be a no no. mmmm.. whateva happens, happens. i think we have open house on sunday — i dunno… but that’d be the day i’d be coming back (unless they’re dropping me off monday morning, which i doubt).

::EDIT:: there is seriously a little, fast ass, flying itty bitty black bug zoomng around in my room… and he’s been here like all weekend. imma have to kindly ask to to leave this establishment called my room cuz i have a serious no bug discrimination policy in my personal living space. for lack of a better word, he is really starting to “bug” me… i mean, come on. i don’t want this to have to turn into an “Itsy Bitsy Spider” extermination experience (yall remember that little skit before the BeBe’s Kids video), but imma need for this thing to go somewhere or die. ::end EDIT::

::second EDIT:: RIP to mr. bug, cuz i just kilted him. gwhahaha.. sorry, carin – my pacifist ::end EDIT::

anywho…. i got a random number from a random guy today.. just when i was walking from the cafe back to Kennedy. dude doesn’t even go here – he’s staying in the area and was visiting a friend.. but, when’s the last time i got a guy’s number? it was mad random and unexpected too. i didn’t really feel comfortable giving him my number so he gave me his just in case i changed my mind and wanted him to take me out. me and my sister will probably be discussing this mishap at a later date. lol. really though, i feel as though i am not really in the right place where guys and relatioships are concerned. i’ve heard the only way to get over somebody is to get with someone else. haha. but this time around, i don’t want it to be a stranger, i don’t need it to be an older guy… i want him to be first a friend, someone i can trust.. someone i know. and then we can move from there.

aiight.. i shall move on to the next post, cuz i really do not need to get into further topics… lol. it’s the poem that i had written – the only poem i had written since i’ve been here.. carin, you never sent me that poem that you had told me about over the phone that time. wassup with dat, huh? “whateva” LOL. but um, yeah – i am NOT like nikki, i’m like me! it doesn’t really sink in with me that the girls here call me Nikki D or Nikki Dow.. lol.. i guess it’s kinda funny and ironic when ya think about it. i remember bruce had just started calling me Colee (usually Miss Colee – you know him) – but the first time he called me it, i started smiling cuz i hadn’t heard no one call me that since i’ve been around family and such. it was like when i had called Poppy – “Popolopasus” – like his mom had used to call him when he was real little and his face lit up even though he was only like 1 and his mom had only been away for a little bit. but yeah, just went off on a SERIOUS tangent.. lol. these xanga entries limit my emails to my lil sis though.. is that a good thing or bad thing, little?


::Praise God from whom all blessing flow::

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  1. bad thing!! i want exclusive emails! lol but its good i can read up on u… hehe aww i miss poppy, and i can just imagine his lil face lightin up… soo cute… ooo number from some guy… hmm yes, we will discuss this at a later date, probably tomorrow… and i must share how my date was not quite as great as expected…but u killed mr. bug . hehe itsy bitsy spider… really startin to “bug” u, lol u make me laugh
    4 more days

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