searching for a guide through life

ayy.. what’s good?

maaan, i think i’m falling into some kinda slump.. due to several contributing factors… but all in all i’m straight.

had one of the most interesting discussions in african american history today. we got around to talking about the development of black colleges and how hampton was founded and how all that trickles in to all the traditions we hold today. african american history is def not my favorite class but the mini discussion did perk my interest. even for me being super tired all throughout the entire day… mmm.. but hampton.. hampton, hampton, hampton… i do not have words for thee right now… lol.. i still love my HU

hmmm.. why do i have to come across and acknowledge beautiful men when i’m on the way/coming back from swim class? i mean, i am most definately not sexi then… lol.

i feel like being random..

last night i went through all my old poems and songs and stuff i wrote down in my notebook. i closed my eyes that night with a good feeling in my heart… immediately out of nowhere had a vision of him flash before me – opened my eyes again and closed ’em in defeat.. lol

ahhh… i’ll felt like such a homebody today.. and what did i get accomplished?? nada. i’m such a slacker… i need to get on to things in my life…..

i haven’t really talked to my friends from back home in like… never… me and mo had our few internet convos… me and carm occasionally say hi online. me and manders used to txt and call for a little bit.. but really it hasn’t been much. bruce used to call a lot til i told him i needed space.. haha.. like a whole state away is not enough “space.” lol… but we were headed in a direction towards past times that we should not have (ever) been heading towards. but everything’s cool. you know what’s kinda messed up though, now me and doni are in the same state yet we still hardly talk…. shame.

now college degrees are really important, right???

i wish i could split my life and have half of me (after i graduate or whatever) travel around the world and gain new, crazy experiences and the other half find somewhere stable to settle my life down and join a church home and start a family and all that goodness..

mmmmmmmmmmmm… i’m bored of writing now – i’m out..

but, before i go, random question — how can i live in a small, relatively clean dorm room and still lose track of things? hmmm…



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  1. commenting! cuz i can! and i love you…. hope u get out of ur slump….

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