searching for a guide through life

::edit – i think i know why i’ve been so tired and blah all week. i’m sick… i hate being sick..::

what is up? i’ve continually felt tired for the past… week or so.. and i get so much more sleep than the average college student. mmm… can’t wait until friday…

sooo… anyways.. i think i should choose my battles… if that is in any way possible…

i have a hard time verbally expressing myself. for what seems like most my life, i’ve been the listener.. people would come to me with any and everything and i’d just listen, be there for them, offer advice or make comments. but when it comes to myself.. i tend to keep most inside. either that or i write. like i was just trying to explain to my (ex) roommate how i’m still kinda not over this guy and just the story behind it all, but my explaination was crap.. i dunno if i ever could form a good explaination, but yeah…. ask me to write an entry about it all and it’d be fine. how do you get over something that’s been a part of you for so long?

i was speaking about my lack of wonderful verbal skills in that question but it could apply to much other things. mmmm.. it’s like i cut my hair and went to college but not much has really changed.. essentially.


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  1. yeah, i heard the baby girl’s sick!! i hope u feel better sweetie… i’m sorry i’ve been so busy… i mean today… was school, council, hw, yrbook, hw yes, right after yearbook, from musta been like 10-2 right now… depressing stuff…sucks to be sick… i haven’t been healthy since like the end of the summer, and it’s catchin up again… it’s that time of year… so yeah, lol i hope u feel better, and imma try to contact u little, asap
    love you! and miss u!

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