searching for a guide through life

i most definately need a nap right now.. but i also need food too, i guess. skipped breakfast and lunch in the cafe too. however, i did have some canned peaches in my room… you know, because my room is hot, my food and drink are hot as well..

i did get sleep last night. i was on the phone with bruce until like 1:30 and i woke up at 6:30 to do a stupid article critique which my wack teacher didn’t even collect.. lol, just kidding – he’s not wack – i’m being mean… but anyway– just got back from swimming and that’s just like crying.. all the moisture in your eyes just make you want to go to sleep.. swimming can be real work.. don’t let anybody tell ya otherwise. especially with my food-deprived, weak self. and i just go happened to bang my foot against the edge of the pool when jumping into the deep end. yes, the foot with the busted ankle. i feel so crippled now. but i am too stubborn to do anything about it. i usually just act like i’m fine and let the pain heal on its own. i do this for emotional hurts as well as physical ones.

i told bruce i was going to move in his house last night.. lol. i love the empty plans and declarations we make with each other. haha. it’s amazing the ppl you meet throughout life and who stays and who fades to black..never when i first met bruce, did i imagine we’d still be talking now. but he’s a good guy. i’m proud of him too.. i’ve told him that, haven’t i? he should know that.

i need some more music on my ruckus forreal.. lol. it’s like stevie wonder, brian mcknight, floetry, boyz II men, india arie, musiq, alicia keys, ray j, nappy roots, and the luther tribute cd over and over again…
oh – favorite song of the week — Boyz II Men – Yesterday — but wait, the espanol version, not the regular one. YERP!

my room is getting messy. imma need some energy to take care of that.

this weekend, providing my group gives me their info for our group project, will be a homework weekend.. oh goodie..

maan, please let my class scheduling stuff all work out tomorrow. 3 o’clock.. 3 o’clock…

facebook… hmmm.. facebook is something else. that’s all i’ll say about such matters.

oh, i found out his name.. and i think i don’t have the crush anymore.. oh shoot, his name is that same as this other kid i had once cried over for no reason just cuz he liked my sister and not me — like i even cared about him.. but that was other times.. and we will not talk about people with the same name as others.. lol.. indirectly referencing to my stupid facebook endevour.. haha.. ok, no.. we won’t go there.

why does so many songs make me think of the Cape May – Lewes ferry? why does it take me so long to think of how to spell ferry? why didn’t i tell my uncle when we were driving and i thought i saw that ferry sign? and last but not least, why when i started this whole ferry talk, did the thought ‘i should go back to jersey on the ferry with bruce’ come into my mind. lol. silly me.

ok. tis all.


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