searching for a guide through life

amazingly beautiful….

i did not know where Twitchell Hall was… well, actually i did, but as i stood in front of it and saw no kind of sign telling me that indeed it was Twitchell, i grew doubtful. i called lauren, ended up going all around some other random dorm – i say random cuz i’m guessing it’s Davidson, but then again i’m not sure, and then ended up right back to where i was.. in front of Twitchell.. lol.

i, being the secluded person i am, have actually never been in any of the other freshman girls dorms. oh course, i know where all 3 of the boys dorms are. i’ve even been inside Harkness and James. but since most my female friends are from Kennedy, i’ve had no reason to venture to any of the female dorms.. but anyway.. this is not the story. haha.

so, after going over our group project with Lauren in Twitchell, i started making my way back to Kennedy – me, my afro puff, my big grey Mickey Mouse sweater, and my arms full with my French book, my agenda book, and my laptop. i just wanted to go back to my room, put my stuff down, and try to shift my focus on the big history project i still have to tackle. i was set into my own thoughts and so i barely stopped when he said hi.

a random boy.. tall, thin, long white t-eed, probably caramel skinned (i couldn’t really see through the dark)… from first looks my first thoughts were immediately: you are not my type. my arms are full with heavy things. i am just trying to get home. please don’t bother me. but i said “hi” back and hesistated my fast stroll.

he started off with: “could i just get a moment of your time?” i knew for sure he’d follow through with this whole – hey ma, where you going? whatcha doing? you need help with them books?” you know, some kinda talk that put me in the awkward position of having to say, “i’m sorry. i’m busy,” and basically shutting him down like my gurls have conditioned me to do when i meet some random busta somewhere. but i’m always Nicole – i always have to stop and say something. so i stopped and gave him his requested moment of my time.

i just wanted to let you know that God loves you.

i was refreshingly taken aback. this boy – a complete stranger – standing atleast 10 feet away from me chose those words to say to me. i was slightly stunned but it was so sweet.

i smiled and replied, “God loves you too.

but he wasn’t done with me. he started quoting scripture. John 3:16 – “for God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son…” Phillippians 4:13 – “i can do all things through Christ who gives me strength…” Corinthians 13… “Did you know that?” he asked. “Yes,” i replied to his choice of familiar scriptures.

“Well, i just wanted you to know that God loves you. Have a good day.”

Nothing else that anyone could have said to me that night would be as special as the amazingly beautiful encounter i had with this unknown young man. i thank God for him.

i thank God for Roy, who randomly told me while waiting for the schoolbus that he was waiting for redemption and that he cares too much about me to see me be lost to God’s glory.

i thank God for all those who’ve touched my life spiritually.. who’ve touched my life period.

i thank God for giving me second chances… third and forth chances. and one day, i’ll have the chance to effect someone else’s life..



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  1. that’s so amazing… thank u for sharing that… that’s beauty right there… i love you nicole frazier dow. <33

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