searching for a guide through life

public announcemeent: i hate group projects… lol

ok, anyways… jeez carin, it’s not like i haven’t updated in ten years… it’s been only like two days… hahah. anywayz….

life has been… life. i finally scheduled for classes! yea. went to watch the rehearsals for the majestic and oracle dance teams, went to see the play Betrayal, reaffirmed my belief that i love HU men (and black colleges), played Super Smash Brothers on XBox (i think) — haven’t played any type of video game in forever. it was fun – despite the rudeness upon the guys’ leaving by an “upperclassmen,” no not really, by a sophomore.. lol. but it’s all cool.

school – i have a bundle of things to complete before going for Thanksgiving break… yuck, but oh well.. def. looking foward to going home for the break. need to find out when i have finals and how i’m getting home for christmas break cuz i really did want to go to Chrissy’s Sweet Sixteen. i haven’t talked to anyone from back home in forever, with the except of Bruce, of course – who’s back in jersey for the weekend.. but yeah. i KNEW this would happen – so i almost don’t care, even though i know i should. i know half of everything in my relationships with ppl are my responsiblity soo…. yeah…

i love my friends from here – it’s amazing that i’ve only known them for such a short amount of time, but i’m def. growing into my Hampton fam. ohh – and i LOVE my big brothers Stanley and Chazz… i wish i were cool with Michael – my real big brother.

but that’s life. hmmm.. sometimes, half the time, i think something’s wrong with me cuz i aint sweating anyone or the fact i don’t have an anybody. i dunno. i’m just cooling right now i guess. the a.d.i.d.a.s. mindset hits every now and then but.. “for right now i must, find serenity and just… keep waiting”… i’ll be home in jersey for nearly a whole month christmas break – we’ll see what old faces i’ll see then. my memory’s awesome and i still think about everyone. and yes, i still have love for him and pray for him. i hope life’s cool for him.

christmas… man, i lose all sense of holidays.. christmas is coming?

the Ques have started the music… lol. i love that everything happens right outside of Kennedy. i love Ques.

gosh – where will i be 3 and a half years from now???

ok. this entry has been ultra stupid and i’m ending it. will write  later when i have something more profound to say.

Cole (–even though everyone & their momma calls me Nikki or NikkiDow here… lol)

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3 thoughts on “

  1. Anonymous on said:

    I hate group pojects too…they make me get lazy and not want to do shit..lol..PEace

  2. Anonymous on said:

    I hate group pojects too…they make me get lazy and not want to do shit..lol..PEace

  3. haha awww, i remember that poem, nicole, realli glad ur lovin it there, u got hit with a blessing…

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