searching for a guide through life

i wonder what ppl think of me… sometimes — but not often.. haha. i’m too independently minded for my own good.

i guess it would be good for my sister to go off to college in a more urban setting. i live on one specific campus – no where else. i don’t live in Hampton. i live at Hampton University. such a difference. maybe with a car, things would be different. i need to grow up more.

hmmm, maybe you should go to college in Philly, Carin. that way i can move there after graduation and see you! yea for silly future plans!

i wonder what my mother was like when she was my age… perhaps we shall speak on this when i see her next. but it’s have to be on of them random discussions on a sunday afternoon sitting on the couch with the sun streaming through the blinds.. and seeing how i’ll be down for Thanksgiving for only a second…

my mom met my dad in college.. i guess she was a junior? i dunno. both her and my dad didn’t weren’t at Rutgers for their freshman year… and my mom was a year above my dad. so i guess she’d have to be a junior.. i like how their lives randomly played out. i want to get married.

so what’s more important – the person you want to be or the person you are? i think it’s a combination of both, baby. we never know how life will hit us – but the way we handle life’s hurdles is what makes us. dreams foster the spirit, life molds the soul. it’s everything. but don’t be troubled over anything. God’s got you.

i wonder what people think of me — not often, but sometimes. it’s ok though. cuz i know who i am.

do you?


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  1. awww, i kno wat i think of you— you’re wonderful!!! i love you! and ooo u nd ur sexii pics

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