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damn, why do i feel so happy?

oh, yes, it’s done! i just wrote my history group’s ten page research paper. that was a burden on my mind, as bruce would put it “a whole shitload of work,” but it’s over with. i mean, sure – it needs a lot of editing and touching up but it’s coo cuz all the major major work is done. by moi! lol – ok, i’ll get off that now. but i’m telling you – those boys better pull off their end with the presentation part or i’ll be mad.. well, i’ll be slightly pissed, do the whole presentation like a day or two before it’s due, and just chalk it up to being one of them GROUP PROJECTS.

i finished my last article critique this afternoon. still didn’t get much studying in for the test tomorrow, but i have time. took an extra long nap this afternoon/evening (yes, slept through going to bio class) so that i could be nocturnal tonight. maaan, this is all soo like highschool. now that the stack of history work is going down, i got to focus on French… oh boy… but the semester’s almost over with, thank goodness and hopefully i’ll have some type of good grades to show for it.

but i’m def. happy for more reasons than that daggone project. after bible study last night i went downstairs, found out Manders had texted me, called her back but she couldn’t get to the phone. she was supposed to call me back that night.. and then tonight, but imma just have to try to call her tomorrow.. since i don’t have a date for that honors seminar thing dinner thing and thus won’t be able to get in. but soo last night i called my sister and was out of the porch literally talking a mile a minute going off about crazy things wanting to do splits and stretchs and all types of things with my body. lol. just in one of them moods. people think i don’t talk much, but get me at a certain time and i could talk your ear off. haha. but anyway.. yeah, i miss Galloway.. yes, i’ll say it again. i miss Galloway. i can’t wait until Thanksgiving.

my family misses me.. awwww… and BLACK FRIDAY.. oh yes. just to go shopping just cuz. i might go to the Gami game. i’ll probably see Bruce i go. might, might see lil boy. damn, sophomore and junior year – yes! i wanted that boy so much those years – he made me smile too much while annoying the hell out of me. lol. i’ll be so upset if i see him with his foot taller than me self and he acts like he doesn’t remember me.. it hasn’t been that long. i’m not even going to think about the ultra slim possibility of seeing “him.” but whether or not i’m still singing: “love has truly been good to me”

i’m in too much of a good mood for my own good. and i need to stop boycotting tha cafe and eat. cuz i am too cheap to be ordering food. (and i don’t)

you know, i have overdue library books. yes, from that history project… ugh, you’d think some things would change.

aww, you know – imma have to pack my long sleeves and and big coat.. haha. JERSEY!

Do It All’s hosting a teen dance club night.. and clearly, i could flash my old highschool ID but i guess i won’t go. i can see my godsisters!! i need to take some pictures of life here before i go up so i can show everybody. need to charge up them camera batteries.

i hope next semester is awesomer. two JAC classes and basketball! oh boy.. oh.. and the other things like world history, oral com, and pysch.. haha

ok.. i’m gonna go and do something with my can’t eat-can’t sleep self.

carin, will you help me twist my hair, pretty please? you know i can do everything but the back. and i’m gonna be thinking about what i want from Michael’s.. hehe.

oh – i’m going to see the Color Purple on Broadway in Dec.!!! never saw the movie nor read the book. such a deprived child. but NYC here i come. haha.. it’s so pretty at Christmas time too.. so is Philly – just always though.. them philly boyz… hahah..

anyways. peace and chicken grease! life’s too short not to smile!


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  1. lol suree i’ll help u twist ur hair, glad to see u in a good mood! lol i can’t wait to see u either!!! <33

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