searching for a guide through life

why do i want to be asleep in my room, resting, writing, all day?


i haven’t written any type of poetry in a while… need to get started starting my novel.. lol

let’s see… i’m wearing like exercise clothes today.. why? cuz laundry day yesterday didn’t happen. why? cuz of dr. davy and these “___” functions… lol. someone else can use a word to describe them.. i mean, it was aiight but did i need to be there. no, ma’am. did not get to study for french and i won’t since i AM going to breakfast and i won’t have time to fit in much studying before i go. oh well, huh? but – i mean, dr. davy, that was not all that necessary. and why are you going to go and make an announcement that men are triffling?   not only is that untrue, but it was grimey as hell to say that. dr. davy’s cool, but.. why??

anyway – i need a close male friend. i won’t go into wanting a boyfriend right now. a close male friend (who is unattached) will do. i went to the thing last night alone. saw old hu crush, of course. realized that he cares just about nothing for me and so i’m completely over that.

i can’t wait for thanksgiving break times one hundred. not that i don’t like it here, i just want a break and would like to be home. this “break” will be extra short though. just like christmas.. i have a feeling i’m not going to work christmas break. i mean, it’s like two weeks and i have nothing set up yet. i think imma just breathe. lol. until next summer.

i think i have tests in all my classes today. plus i have to do laundry still… imma need something special to make me smile today….


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  1. Instead of writing one…read one….that always give me more inspiration….Thanks for the encouragement on your comment. Although im not feeling any better. Hope you get to Soap and Suds LOL. Riva

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