searching for a guide through life

my doornob is finna break… again.. meaning i’d be temporarily locked out of my room, again.. aint that some bullshit? lol.

WELL – ok over tha past week, i’ve become addicted to Schweppes ginger ale and Take 5 candy bars… lol. not good.

talked to my Manders today! ahhh, i love how we are. how we can not talk for forever and then only have our little ten minute conversation, but yet, everything’s cool with us. yes.. we are definately hanging out thanksgiving break. maybe i’ll even get a little alcohol in my system.. hmmm, we shall see.

i’m growing a lil into my homebodiness here at Hampton, but of course, i still love it.. hahah. SINGLES!

speaking of single – haaha. you wanna know the stupid thing i do? i see random guys and for a second i like to pretend that it’s him…. God, I love him. You know that. Truly…

it’s amazing how long i’ve been me this whole time….

ahhhhh– i’m leaving tuesday. WHAT?! oh yes.

Gospel concert tonight.

summer 2006 – i am going somewhere. have no idea where yet. i keep yall posted when major ideas form.

oh, and guess what? XANGA is the shit. bump facebook and myspace.. haha.

peace and hair grease!! (my hair needs some special TLC right now.. pst.. philly.. lol)


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