searching for a guide through life

let me take the time out to yell at somebody…

hhaaa. anyway, carin, that was for you. how dare you not come tomorrow to pick me up? are you even going to school, period? could you not do your hw in the car? whateva, forget you then. and then – ‘who are you’ to have work all day when i come home? what is that? who is going to twist my hair so i look cute when i go out wed night? lol. fine, whateva. i see how it is. yes, i don’t care if i make my xanga like an email to you. you need to hear this and aol sinks. haha.

anywho, i want to yell at some more people. my history group. i f***ing hate this group project. and the class. i mean, actually both things are aiight but.. ::sigh:: i’m staying up late tonight cuz i procrastinated on getting this project wrapped up. all day i just didn’t want to do it so i didn’t. now i have to. what’s bad is that while i’ve been working and stressing on this project, my two group members have done basically squat and semi-squat. i mean, i could pull off this whole project myself, but they should not be getting the same grades for my hard work. i’m gonna have to let mr. d know if they don’t pull up the ends of the porject. what’s worse is i feel bad for them. especially the one who has not really done anything for no apparent reason. i mean, we’re in college, boo-boo.. these things count. like why waste a whole semester’s worth of money only to fail the class… and not just cuz it was hard, but cuz you didn’t attempt to meet the requirements and do the work. i feel bad for ya.. but hey, we are moving into the real world. i’m not your mother and i won’t just let you get by on what i did.

i haven’t packed yet. will probably do that between my first and second classes. i’ll probable be up kinda late tonight. i took a nap today, but still. it’s not good to be sleepy going to swimming class, cuz Lord knows it makes you sleepier.

ugh… my wireless pirate is trying to go out on me… but i need to get back to this work anyway. so peace. i’m out.


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