searching for a guide through life

Happy Thanksgiving!!! yeah, i know… a little late but that’s ok.. haha..

ok, i could write forever and ever about everything but i’ll try to do the cliffs notes version…

good to come back home – but yes, i have thought about and missed my hampton ppl just as well.. but wed — ahh, got some crazy, wonderful sleep. went grocery shopping with mi madre at FOUR different grocery stores. went bowling with amanda, mo, and amanda’s cuz trisha.. manders’s hair is extra longer. according to mo she drives a “japoly” aka in my terms “hooptie” although nothing is wrong with her car in my opinion. and she STILL wears the spongebob watch. mo is just the same.. crazy.

today – gami football game. ahhhh!! the band was on point! i miss marching band like that.. you know, actual marching… lol. funny how the times switch around. i am too much like my brother to be so different from him. ok, so i walked around all afternoon with my twin aka my lil sister attached to my hip literally and saw a whole bunch of old faces.. go absegami graduates!! i’ve seen all the tibbs this weekend so that’s straight. saw one of the handful of gami crushes… so what if i’m a college freshman and get geeked over a hs junior. what? can i be like the various m. thomases of the world.. oh yeah.. found out his middle name.. i’m telling you… myspace…. lol.. but it doesn’t start with a D so a least their initials aren’t identical.. ok, got sidetrracked for a minute.. ummm.. mr. monroe did not show up. lol. oh, and gami won the game…

cooked all afternoon til evening.. ate sooo much food it hurted. was soo silly in the kitchen with my momma and carin. i better have a BANGIN valentine’s day this year, i swear.. lol. me and my sis realized that they (men) get thanksgiving — women slaving in the kitchen all day while they watch football — and we (women) get valentine’s day… haha..

over dinner we argued… last yr it was about school buses. this yr it was NYC vs AC.. who’s heard of AC? lol.. that’s atlantic city – about 10 min away.. the argument was my dad (AC) vs the other 5 of us (NYC). lol… that stubborn, stubborn man…. thanksgiving was small.. me, mommy, daddy, my brother, my sister, uncle bob… that was all. watched part of the BET anniversary thing until mr monroe called me.

life is good. and yes, there are negatives.. saw them popping up around this weekend too.. maybe i’ll get into all that in other times, but all in all, life is good. how can it not be? God’s got us.

my brother’s hassling me to get off the computer so i’m going… oh yeah, my cousin’s in Black Enterprise… one of the hottest under 40.. Dr. David Johnson!  and a fellow HU student, senior print journalism major erinn johnson has two articles in the issue! go ‘head, gurl!

and last but not least – i’m allergic to the world! doggone allergies and eczema! lol. ok… more babbling sometime later…. happy black friday shopping!!


PS. it’s so GOOD to hear ppl call me Cole and Colee here!!

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