searching for a guide through life

<holiday hopes>

i’ve thought a lot this thanksgiving break. a lot of thinking about where i’ve been but even more of where i’m going. here’s the cliffs notes version:

i hope… i grow into a beautiful, strong woman who makes due with what she has and does not stop persuing her dreams.. a woman who sees things through and through her love, touches someone’s heart

i hope… to fall in love.. to allow myself to grow weak to the strength of love. to get over him, while still loving him. to find a piece of my happiness reflected in a man’s eyes.

i hope… to find a home and build a family. going forth and multiplying while never forgetting my roots.

in a nutshell, tis all…


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  1. you already are a beautiful, strong woman, u realli make me proud
    i love you sis, truly truly and it’s so great to see the woman u’ve become, and i kno u will grow to be a wonderful OLDER lady :-*

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