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it’s december!!!!!!!!!!

gosh, i remember when i was a kid, me and my sister would watch the commercials on tv and yell out “i want that!!” it’s amazing how much my wants have changed since then. it’s funny cuz i don’t even know any material gift that i want for christmas.. just straight money.. lol. me and my momma went out shopping on black friday and all and i was like “i need some jeans. momma, where do i buy jeans from?” i seriously haven’t really shopped for school clothes in a good one or two years. lol. and so we were upstairs in Macy’s trying to find a $15 dollar gift for one of her group’s holiday grab bag things and i was actually looking at plates and glasses thinking of stuff i’d want for when i have my own… oh, and this guy at BJ’s tried to sell me cabinets and countertops.. i was like “mommy, i guess i look old enough for people to think i had my own place!” haha..

in other topics… i don’t give a damn what anyone says – i STILL and i’ll always.

here’s to growing up!!


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  1. i still look at the commercials and think ” i want that!” only now… its like digital cameras and cell phones, haha <33 oo how times change

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