searching for a guide through life

i’m so tired.. you know, i need to start taking them vitamins. i asked my mom to send them to me and everything but have i started taking them yet? nope.. ::sigh:: i hate being tired all the time. but i looove sleeping.. especially in my bed with my pillows.. yes.. mmmm.. that’s a shame.. haha. anyway, i’d take feeling tired over how i felt freshman year of highschool around this same time of the year. i was so bad off inside. and it’s amazing i made it to now.. i’m so thankful.

maaann.. i think too much… haha. i do though. and i don’t talk nearly as much as i should. but i’ve been like this forever. oh well.

the semester is almost over… i have a million and one words for everything that went on these last few months of my life, but i really don’t feel like going through it all right now.. plus i have to leave in like 15 minutes… Sister II Sister holiday party.. heeyy – if anyone is reading this and goes to HU and wants to buy a pizza hut card (with different free things to get) for $10 as a fundraiser for sister II sister let me know!!! lol. i am soo bad with selling stuff…  

speaking of selling stuff.. i want to generate some kind of income in my life.. i’m gonna have to pick up some kinda hustle.. lol.

well, i better start getting ready to go.. laterz



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  1. hehe have i told u lately that i’m proud of u?!

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