searching for a guide through life

ugh… all i want to do is not do my homework. i am a certified procrastinator but that’s besides the point. i’m sick of just doing assignments for the sake of doing assignments and for grades. i want to do something that matters to ME. can’t wait til i get into my major…

going home in 11 days!!! goodie!! aww, this will be my last time in what i’ve called “home” for a lil over two years. kinda bittersweet when ya think about it. yup, we’re finally moving back to seaview. the house on seaview is where i called home from age 5 to 16. the place i call my dad’s house now – but in a month it will be ‘home’ again.. dang, i just had to go away for college so i could get my whole concept of ‘home’ altered… hmmmm.. and stability is going to change once again.

i need more male friends in my life..

ok — on the phone now, so i’ll stop writing… payce!!


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