searching for a guide through life

hello world! ahh, how it is to be full of thoughts and feelings…

i don’t know where to begin.. life is essentially wonderful. i mean, like even the not so good parts and the bad parts – they still serve purpose as to help you learn a lesson or simply to just appreciate the good parts that much more.

carin, i actually took some pictures with my digital camera today!  Kennedy had a little holiday get together in the lobby. we ate food, drank cocoa and punch, listened to music, made and decorated gingerbread houses, did a secret santa, painted christmas ornaments, talked… just enjoyed ourselves. i love my dorm. i love my Queens. and even though we’re supposed to be on “lock-down” (no male visitation), the original groupies – Scottie and Leon – were allowed to come and chill with us. today’s Scottie’s b-day. he’s finally 18.

we had a lot of Kennedy love last night too.. a whole mess of us went out to the Sweat party. by us, i’m including me.. haha.. i hardly ever go to parties. i dunno, that’s just not my scene on the regular. but once in a while, it’s always nice to get out, dance, change it up.. so i did and i had plenty of fun. of course, we had our Kennedy circle. i don’t even think i really danced with any guys. it was cool though. well, actually it was hot… very hot.. Sweat was no lie – cuz everyone was sweating.. ppl complained about the dj, but i thought he was aiight. i’ve experienced worse. the bus ride there was crazy! haha.. gosh, my palm still hurts.. my thighs hurt too but i won’t get into that. yes, i do dance… ppl just don’t know it. oh, and i got some hugs yesterday.. lol. i like hugs. they make me happy. so all in all, i had fun.

thursday was the last day of classes. YES! ahhh.. feels so daggone good. my finals don’t start til monday so i have plenty of studying time left. i don’t go home til thursday cuz i have this stupid 20 min health test that day but it’s all cool. i am looking foward to being home although i don’t have that much planned. hopefully, i’ll see some friends, do some chilling in galloway, see snow… all that good stuff. i got to pack up my things since the family’s moving in late january. i should do some pre-second-semester reviewing.. gonna buy my books very soon. need to sell my other books.. will probably go back to Gami for the College Panel… going to NYC on the 17th to see The Color Purple on Broadway.. spending time with family.. hopefully i will go to Philly maybe for after Christmas or before Christmas shopping. i atleast want to go to get kinky twists put in my hair before i come back to virginia.. oh man, and there’s so much other stuff i want to do… so, i guess i won’t be two bored. three weeks… yea!

on the guy front, i’m satisfied being single cuz i have a feeling that the one for me is actually out there somewhere. yes, i do have crushes… and confusion… and old feelings.. but i’m straight. everyone tells me, it’ll happen when it happens and now i’m telling that to myself too. i swear, though… the holidays have me thinking about wanting to get married and have a family and all that.. lol. craziness… i was talking to my friend online and she was saying how her and her boyfriend are practically engaged and yeah, i’m kinda jealous of that. but you know, as i said before i’m straight… too blessed to be stressed.

i’m getting my life together each day… so thankful of all God has given me. dang, i swear, these last few months have truly been something for me…

well off to.. i dunno.. just off to getting off xanga… lol.

much love ,

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