searching for a guide through life

i should get a night job somewhere.. i’m definately not a morning person and it’s so hard for me getting to sleep past three…

i definately want to start making money sometime soon. it’s not fun knowing you are income-less.

i’ve never been one to deal with ppl’s drama or bullshit. today, i check my myspace to find out i had a new message. turns out this random chick from atlantic city just sent me a message because she wanted to call me a bitch, say i shouldn’t have put my pictures up on MY page, and declare that my mom had an ugly ass daughter. BITCH, WHO ARE YOU??? ugh… sometimes i do not understand people at all.. and although initially i was like “HA” like i do when any other person tries to bring bullshit to me – part of was angry. like if it was something she said in my presence i’d want to hit her.. anger — a lovely emotion at times but i hate feeling that way. so instead of starting some shit with an ignorant message back i took the higher road. first, i corrected her grammar cuz the message itself was horrible (lol). then went along telling her i’m flattered she looked at my page and left me a message but that i didn’t appreciate what she said and that my mother has two beautiful daughters. then i proceeded to tell her God bless her anyway.. i saying though — who does things like that? why would somebody be so mean and ignorant as to start mess like that? i hope she emails me back. let me see her in the street in AC.. lol.. just playing.. kinda…

random question: if you were allowed a glance in the future, would you take it? and how much would you want to know? it’s weird cuz i repeatedly go through phases where i seem to think about or even worry about how my future’s gonna turn out. and yeah, i’m in one now. soo.. does everything happen for a reason??

i want to be writing something — i just don’t really have anything to write about. i’ve had the worst kind of writer’s block recently.

we’re growing up too fast. staying in touch with ppl becomes that much harder too. gosh, for the life of me i wonder how his life has been..

and with that, i’ll get offline and try to get some sleep…



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  1. Hey i was logging in to my xanga and your xanga screen like just popped up it was really weird, anyways i went on reading ur xanga and i read what that girl wrote to u.  You are right that was mean and some people are really just cold hearted bitches, but i like how you handled it and u seem like a real nice person, and u don’t look bad in that picture, you look very pretty and i just thought i would show u that there are nice ppl out there who aren’t total bitches.

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